American Spirit Blues




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Be kind.


released June 25, 2014



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OHIOAN Arizona

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Track Name: Still Reeling
Still reeling
still reeling
still reeling em in
still wheeling
still dealing
still playing to win
still reading
the writing on the wall
still dont give a shit

I went boastful
and arrogant
spilled over the edge
i grew wild in confinement
i was mostly content
i got soft
and worn down
i was broke
but i still wouldnt bend

They begged me to quit
they told me to fold
but im still breathing
still breathing
still excreting gold
still gaining debt on my days
guess ill pay when im old
Track Name: Terrible Arms
Take place
safe at home
quiet lives
dead to the night

Stone the clock
to dust
grab a handful of time
ask its price

ask its name
know its name

Turn to the sky
turn away
lay your dirt
at the foot of the shrine

Turn again
walk away
stumble on quick pride
into the street, into the day

and leave that weight
in the terrible arms
of the stranger
Track Name: Its All I Could Do
Shut off my phone
mailed it to a friend
told no one
this shit has got to end
this has got to end
I ate a cookie and read half a magazine
took off my pants and hung em out in the wind
it was all i could do to be myself again

I ripped her skirt
because she asked me to
and i made it hurt
because thats what people do
because she asked me to
then buttoned up and stumbled out of the van
went back to the bar and washed up in the can
it was all i could do to be myself again

Cut my hair
tried to look sincere
quit the smokes
and had myself a beer
it begins with one and then becomes a few
i let it go cause its all that i can do
to be myself
without you